Album Art Classifier

A pre-trained tensorflow model to predict music genre
Created by Amanda Bowers

About the Model/ Training Set

This model was trained on Inception V3 via transfer learning:

iTunes genres and corresponding subgenres were grouped together to create 36 image classes:

Explore some of the artwork below:

Blues - B. B. King: Paying the Cost to be the Boss (2000)
Classical - Brahms: Violin Sonata in G Major, Op. 78 (1878)
Country - Kenny Chesney: Somewhere With You (2010)
Dance - La Roux: Bulletproof (2015)
Disney - Ariel: Happy Birthday, Princess (2005)
Electronic - Kuba: Hole In My Sitar (2012)
Jazz - Gregory Porter: Consequence of Love (2017)
Pop - Adele: Hello (2015)
R&B/Soul - Destiny's Child: Say My Name (1999)
Hip-Hop - Drake: Controlla (2015)
Reggae - Bob Marley: One Love/People Get Ready
Rock - Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock (1958)

More Artwork

Model Performance

Model Performance was evaluated for the training, validation and test sets

Training Set: 36 classes each with an average of 750 images (unbalanced classes)

To see how the model performed on each image displayed above, click here
Training accuracy: ~45% (varies iteratively)

Validation Set: 36 classes each with an average of 94 images

Validation accuracy: 28% (varies iteratively)

Test Set: 36 classes each with an average of 94 images

Test accuracy: 17.1% (final hold-out set)

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